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A Litter Jem x Noel

DOB 7/31/12
"Rizzo" Scocars Always Gold Trotting CGC (pink girl) loved by Joe & Nicole Donny of WI
"Anna"  Scocars Anna Katharina of Phantom Wood TD SWM SHDE TKN NW3-Elite 2 L1V L1I HIC (lavender girl) loved by Karla Niessing of WI CHIC # 106547
"Atta" Am/ Int CH U-OTCH Scocars Atta Girl Wins the Gold UDX GO BN RE SWN SCA SBA DS NW2 U-UD RATO CGC TT HIC (yellow girl) loved by Pam Long of GA CHIC #105643
"Stryder" UKC/Int CH Scocars A Passing of the Torch BN RN URO1 RATI CGCA HIC (blue boy) loved by Kaylynn Cooper of WI CHIC # 101074
"Gabbi"  Scocars An Olympic Story UDX OM2 PCDX GN BN RM SWE SIM RATN HIC (purple girl) loved by Carmen Hurley CHIC #100439
"Deek" Scocars Altius Citius Fortius UD PUDX BN RAE2 SWN SHDN NW2 CGC (green boy)loved by David & Nancy Pett of AL CHIC #105778

B Litter Jem x Noel
DOB 3/29/16
"Gage"  Maikeva's Black Diamond BN RN RI CI TKI CGC loved by Jeremy Schuster of CA
DOB 3/21/19
"Cannon" Maikeva Cannon Can Do (orange boy) loved by Gen Lankford of GA
"Spike" GCH CH Maikeva Cactus Wrangler  BN RI TDX SCN SIN STDc(blue boy) loved by Michele Mauldin of NM
"Wrigley" Maikeva Causing Chaos AKC ptd. (green boy) loved by Joe and Nicole Donny of WI
"Tripp" Maikeva Crazy Magical Ride BN RI SEN SIN SCN (yellow girl) loved by Pam Long of GA
"Dia" Maikeva Canary Diamond CDX BN RN SWN SIA SEA (violet girl) loved by Carmen Hurley
"Sterling" GCH CH Maikeva Cilverado of Phantom Wood TD SWN SCNE SBA SHDN NW1 HIC, (silver boy) loved by Karla Niessing of WI
"Trooper" Maikeva Cop N Attitude of Circle MJ PT OAP AJP FDC ATT CCSS-L1 CGC (purple boy) loved by Mary Wroth of MI