Over the years we have had many special dogs join our family.  These are the non-Rotts whom we share our lives with. 
DOB: 1/11/02
Maya has been with Scott since the day she was born. She lives to spend time with Scott, whether they're training or just hanging out.  She is currently 11 years young and hasn't shown any signs of slowing down.  With the addition of mixed breeds in AKC performance events Scott and Maya are still competing in obedience.  She does a lot of demonstrations for various youth and adult groups around the area.  Because Maya is a mixed breed, she is registered with AMBOR and used to compete in NADAC and UKC competitions. In 2007 she was AMBOR's top scoring dog in the country, in Novice and Open obedience. She is a delight to watch in the ring. Her attention on Scott is amazing and she is happy and animated. She Wows people every time they watch her.
DOB: 12/20/05
Jack is our son Mikel's dog. Mikel adopted Jack from an all breed rescue group in January 2009, when Jack was three years old. Mikel and Jack are best buddies and have taken several classes together. Jack loves everyone on the face of the planet, especially kids, and these two are a perfect match.  Jack has made himself famous in our area, starring in a Luther College opera performance, making his appearance in parades, doing therapy work, and even got his photo chosen in a calendar! 
DOB: 12/19/07
Sula is Scott's youngest dog and came to him in April 2008 from Boxers von Bachbett in WI. Sula is from German Boxer lines that focus on schutzhund and police work, and maintaining the Boxer's true working ability. Sula loves to work, is eager to please and is willing to try just about anything.  But more than anything, in true Boxer fashion, she loves to PLAY!   Sula is also training for weight pull competitions.  Sula is a great obedience partner and earned her CD in one weekend with scores of 196.5, 197 and 195.5!  She earned her BH in 2012 (and was the highest scoring BH that day) and will be competing for her CDX in  2013.